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The beaches of Formentera have spectacular blue waters. There are few places in the world that can boast such beauty. When wandering along the white sandy beach of Illetas, you sometimes have a strange feeling that you are walking along a Caribbean beach.

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At the same time, if you go just a few kilometres south-west, you might feel as if you were on a small island in the southern Adriatic. There is nothing like sunbathing on these reddish sandy rocks after a splash in the water to say hello, little fish!.

If we walk south-east along this coast we come to Es Caló, with the typical turquoise and emerald waters of Formentera. The beach of Es Caló offers a delicate carpet of fine silvery-pink sand and its coves hide some secrets that I am not going to reveal.

The Migjorn beach has a special charm, just like the one from a remote beach of the southern seas. When the sun sets, an orange disc sinks into the electric blue, and that is when sea and sky merge into one swell of clouds, night falls and the first star appears in the sky.

A soft breeze brushes the line between the ephemeral and the eternal, two hearts that beat in unison. Time passes, yet stands still at the same time. The lights of the fishermen's ships glimmer in the distance and the echoes of seagulls' cries can be heard...

The sea is all around.


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